This decade, two million qualified students will skip college because they can't afford it.


November 10, 2009
Reform our Education System and Make College Affordable

Read our open letter to Senator Harkin and Senator Enzi on the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, urging them to "support the principles of President Obama's higher education agenda."

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2009 Priorities of the Campaign for College Affordability:

President Obama unveiled a budget that included a significant commitment to higher education affordability and access, based on the principle that in order to fix our economy we must invest in our citizens to produce an educated workforce ready to compete in the global marketplace.

Increasingly, many families have been priced out of college. According to the U.S. Department of Education, 400,000 qualified high school graduates put off attending college each year due to cost. With the average tuition and fees spiking by more than 58% over the course of the past eight years, outpacing wage increases during that same time period, and the average college graduate facing nearly $21,000 of debt upon graduation, it is obvious that action is needed to make college more affordable. Without additional support and attention to the issue, the U.S. is projected to fall 16 million college degrees short of meeting workforce needs in 2025.

The President's Budget: A Commitment to College Affordability and Access

  • Support reforms to student loan program and elimination of FFEL program
  • Promote linking Pell grants increases to inflation and increasing Pell grant maximums

Pushing for additional spending on higher education beyond what was included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

  • Push for inclusion of funding for campus construction and modernization
  • Urge additional funds for states to be used to hold down tuition

Promoting broader reforms and increased funding as part of a college access and retraining plan

  • Further direct grant aid including help tied to public service
  • Increase access to college readiness programs
  • Invest in community colleges to provide retraining for unemployed workers and create degrees for new economy jobs
  • Eliminate subsidies to student loan lenders and make loans more affordable by lowering interest rates
  • Expand loan forgiveness for careers in public service
  • Commit to long term investment in institutions of higher education

Click here to view a printable outline of the President's Higher Education priorities.

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